Annfee Jivamukti Yoga Zurich
Annfee Jivamukti Yoga Zurich

My name is anne-sophie.
I am a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher

living in Zürich, switzerland.

This space is about you and your relationship to nature.
Yoga is our natural state of being. but We have forgotten.

We want to rediscover our deep connection to the universe.

I teach Yoga because I want to share what is dearest to me: AWARENESS

Yoga means to me:

Connection, deep inner joy, freedom and health.

Yoga gives us the opportunity to practice self-awareness as an integrated being, to feel that we breathe, that life is valuable.

Yoga promotes mental and physical health, so we feel confident and serene to face the challenges of life.

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I teach Jivamukti Yoga because it inspires me to think about Yoga in a comprehensive and integrated way. Jivamukti Yoga is a Vinyasa based asana practice, that focuses on the steady flow and rhythm of breath and movement, accompanied by music.

The method is grounded in the Sanskrit word "asana“: seat or connection to the earth.
The word "Jivamukti" is composed of the Sanskrit words "jiva", which means "living soul"

and the word "mukti", which means "free/liberated".

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Annfee Jivamukti Yoga Zurich


I offer group practices and private coaching in my studio "AnnFeeYoga Zumikon" and weekly classes at athayoga-zurich.

Mahima, Jivamukti teacher from New York, says about my classes: "Anne-Sophie has an intuitive understanding of movement that cannot be taught, and an authentic connection to Spirit that cannot be faked. Her class is medicine on all levels- renewing and revitalizing in all the ways that matter."

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Annfee Jivamukti Yoga Zurich

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Yoga is above all a path to Self-Realization, a path to discover our true nature and potential. When we use Yoga asana as a practice to attain this, we explore the essential, practical and physical meaning of the term asana, namely "our relationship to the Earth". This is the relationship to other human beings, animals, plants, the planet itself and all that we call into existance.

What could be more physical than what we eat, where we live, and who we live with?


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After Yoga with AnnFée you will feel a deep inner peace, your body will feel strong, invigorated and more fluid, and you will walk through your day with a smile on your lips, positive and confident. Her yoga classes are smooth, demanding and gentle at the same time, because she understands both the body and the soul, and understands that in many ways they are one and the same.

Gretta F.

"Anne Sophie inspired me to start my yoga journey with her calm, motivating teaching style and always interesting classes. Very grateful, it has changed my life!"


Monica G.

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