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Jivamukti Open & Basic, Spiritual Warrior, workshops & more.

Below you find descriptions of all class formats that I offer at the moment. For weekly schedule go to: live-calendar

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Annfee Jivamukti Yoga Zurich

Mindfully and in a steady rhythm we align breath and movement, so we can further explore the connection between body, mind, soul and nature. Challenging strengthening asana sequences and restorative poses are interwoven and accompanied by music to support the flow. Chanting, breath awareness, meditation and spiritual teaching complete the class.

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Time and Location may change frequently.



90 Min: 35chf (Abo 330)
60 Min: 30chf (Abo 290)

Online. 18chf to 25chf /Class

Private Class:120chf

Prices may change or vary from one Studio to another.

Jivamukti open / Vinyasa

This class welcomes practitioners of all levels. The Jivamukti Open Class is taught in a Vinyasa Stile and presents classical Yoga teachings: Flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment, hands-on assistance, chanting, breath awareness, relaxation, meditation and spiritual teaching. You can work at your own pace as Asana options will be provided for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. It is advisable to have some Yoga experience. A typical Jivamukti Open Class incorporates the five tenets of the Jivamukti method: Bhakti (devotion), Ahimsa (non-harming), Nada (deep listening/music), Dhyana (meditation), Sastra (spiritual teachings). Schedule updates in Live-Calendar

Jivamukti Open Classes 75-90 Min

Monday 09.30-10.45

Wednesday 09.30-10.45
@athayoga Zollikon, Seestrasse 53, 8702 Zollikon

Book Class here: athayoga Zollikon

Thursday 10.00-11.30

@annfeeyoga Dorfstr. 43, 8126 Zumikon (FreiZumi)

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Jivamukti intermediate /slow VINYASA

In this Class the focus lies on proper alignment and understanding of each asana. The intermediate format is the perfect preparation for someone, who has not done much Yoga before, or for someone, who is interested in a more detailed explanation of the asana practice. This class prepares you for the more challenging flow of a Jivamukti Open Class.

Schedule updates in Live-Calendar

Jivamukti intermediate 60 Min

Monday 19.00-20.00
@annfeeyoga Dorfstr. 43, 8126 Zumikon (FreiZumi)

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Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior

This is a briskly guided Vinyasa Yoga practice that follows a strict sequence of asanas. The teacher calls out the asanas and provides the breath count. The class offers a well-rounded practice as a set sequence and is designed to be completed in one hour. Because it is a fixed sequence, a student has the opportunity to progress to the level of mastery. The first few classes may seem overwhelming, but with time and steady practice, progress will follow. My Lunchflows are often a Spiritual Warrior (or variations). Schedule updates in Live-Calendar

Spiritual Warrior 60 MIn

Wednesday 12.15-13.15
@athayoga zürich, Gartenstr. 14, 8002 Zürich

Book : athayoga zürich

Flow & release

The purpose of this 60 Min class is to release tension and open up body, mind and soul for pranayama and  meditation. We start with a stimulating warm-up flow and move on to a more restorative sequence. Class ends with meditation and deep relaxation/ body scan. Schedule updates in Live-Calendar

Flow and Release 60 Min

This class has been paused at the moment
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PRIVAte Class / workshop

In a private Class we focus on your needs what ever they may be. We can practice Yoga on the mat and  explore alignment of the asanas, or we can concentrate on meditation, spiritual teachings or chanting. What  ever your heart desires to know about Yoga and do it in private setting: this is the place to do so. You can also book me for a workshop with a private group or for your business.


Anytime at your convenience at the Studio, in your home or Online
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28. Nov- 1. Dez 2021 Seminarhaus Lindenbühl
3 nights / 2 & a half days/ 5 Yoga classes / 4 Meditation Sessions

Detailed Infos follow soon. Please email me if you are interested:

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