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an atempt to answer the three most Frequently asked questions.




Why do we chant OM?

What is a Sutra?

What is a Mantra?

OM is the root of all sounds and letters.

OM is the first sound in the universe, it reminds us that we are ONE.

By chanting OM we connect to the UNIVERSE and we can feel the vibration within our own body.

Chanting OM at the beginning of a Yoga class enhances the sense of community and reinforces the common intent of a group.

Mantra means "mind protection".
A Mantra is a syllable, a word or a sentence, that you focus on. It protects you from the perpetual string of thoughts. We repeat it during mediation to keep our mind focused.

You can use a mantra any time during the day, when you need to concentrate or turn off your unsettling thoughts. Sometimes Mantras are chanted at the beginning of a Yoga class.

Sutra literally means „thread“.

When we say Sutra we mean the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which is a collection of aphorisms or verses that explain what Yoga is.

The knowledge was there before, but never written down. It was Patanjali, who compiled the actual knowledge into the Yoga Sutras.

There are about 190 of them, stitched together like pearls, looking like jewels on a thread. Nobody knows exactly when he lived. It is believed that Patanjali lived around 200 BC.


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